The Airing of Grievances
Monday, January 03, 2005
Wacky and Despicable Tsunami Relief News

In wacky tsunami news - I read something about this last week, but figured it was a total joke. Turns out, I was wrong. Ornery crocodiles are terrorizing the residents of India's Andaman Islands. The likely theory is that the crocs were spooked from their hiding places in backwaters of the islands, or they they are starving because the sealife was devastated. However, locals feel differently about their reptilian friends. "We ... have received reports that the crocodiles have begun to consume bodies and that the beasts seem to have developed a taste for human flesh," said a local wildlife official. I laugh because this is very unlikely (as crocodiles are predators and not scavengers, they need fresh kills), but hey, why let science get in the way of a good ignorant crocodile scare.

Finally, it a shitbag move of epic proportions, a Canadian college student scammed some woman out of a website domain name by saying he was a charity, then he tried to sell it on eBay for $50,000 (American). For his part, the scam artist said he would donate the proceeds to charity. Whatever.

Of course, donations are best made in cash to established, reputable charities. As for our loyal Grievers, don't say we didn't warn you!
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