The Airing of Grievances
Monday, January 10, 2005
Trash ...
... all around on this one. Missouri lost a Supreme Court appeal today over its decision to bar a Ku Klux Klan group from a highway litter cleanup program. In the Eight Circuit opinion that was upheld the court ruled that:
"Missouri's desire to exclude controversial organizations in order to prevent 'road rage' or public backlash on the highways against the adopters' unpopular beliefs is simply not a legitimate governmental interest that would support the enactment of speech-abridging regulations."
And hey, why give the Klan such a hard time? Just listen to their lawyer, Robert Herman. According to him, the Klan wants to do its part in community service and to express "solidarity with the community." Presumably, Mr. Herman is partial to hiding behind white sheets like a little bitch as well, because if he isn't, I really wonder how the man can live with himself.

In any event, I gotta figure it'll be a sad day for many in the Show Me State when signs are hanging up on the highway thanking the KKK for their help. What will they tell the children?

(Props to the following 10 states that have indicated they will pull the plug on the economically beneficial volunteer trash program rather than partner with the Klan: Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont.)

(Thanks, bcg 11)
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