The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Signs You Are Not Getting To Work Today
As if the LA rush hour weren't bad enough, the tony residents of Malibu had to deal with this view this morning on the main road into town.

A 25' diameter boulder blocks Topanga Canyon Rd.

Seems the Earth is indeed starting to fight back. First with a 9.0 earthquake that kills over 150,000 people, now three straight weeks of torrential rain have brought on deadly mudslides on the left coast. Seems the entire town of La Conchita was swallowed up in a mudslide. Bad times for those guys.

But good times for skiers at AofG approved ski resport Squaw Valley who are reveling in about 15 FEET of fresh powder over the past few weeks. Check out some sweet pics of the festivites here, here and here. Watch out for avalanches, dudes.

The only ongoing good news is that unlike idiot Hollywood producers, nature has decided to spare the Big Apple her wrath to date. Knock wood.
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