The Airing of Grievances
Monday, January 10, 2005
The Sensitivity Police Strike Again
Apparently during rush hour in Boston the other day, a train attendant decided to add a little color to his warning to folks standing in restricted areas. As reported in the Boston Globe:
"The train attendant then stunned passengers by adding that, if passengers 'wished to commit suicide, they should consider using the Tobin Bridge. It's easier and less messy.'"
And what did the attendant get for his sound advice? Disciplined.

Listen, I hear the whole, "you don't know how many passengers may have lost somebody as a result of suicide" line of reasoning, but really, is that enough to kill the guy here? Now, of course, he could have given a more appropriate warning (and I'm sure he typically does), but do we kill him for adding a little personality and humor to the deal? Seems silly to me that we do. Just seems to be yet another manifestation of the pussification of America. Sucks.
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