The Airing of Grievances
Friday, January 07, 2005
Not Cool
And you wonder why folks are down on the NBA? After playing a game against the uptempo Phoenix Suns -- widely recognized as the most entertaining team in the League -- Tracy McGrady basically said that the Suns' hustling style of play forced him to dog it. From the lazy bum's mouth:
"You're just glad every NBA team is not like that. I've never been so tired after a ballgame. I've never seen a team that gets you back on your heels when you make a shot, I mean every time you make a basket. We're not used to that. Sometimes you make a shot, or you make a run, and you have a tendency to relax and jog up and down the court. Those guys get the ball out and they're gone. They're coming up our backs."
Poor, poor, Tracy. The Suns actually made him (or at least tried to) do a little bit more than "relax" and "jog." The horror.

By the way, McGrady is paid about a cool $15 million a year for his services. That breaks down to a little less than $200,000 per game. And you expect the guy to hustle? C'mon now. Don't be silly.

(Thanks, Mighty MJD)
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