The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, January 13, 2005
Lively Up Yourself

And move those creaky bones.

You are one of the greatest pop musicians of all time. More than that, though, you are a patron saint of your native country - A country whose future you helped ensure by taking a two bullets because you were going to play at a rally for democracy.

Now your widow wants to exhume your body and move your ass 3,000 miles from your chosen final resting place. Worse than that, she claims that Africa was the most important thing in your life - Bigger than your family, bigger than your music, bigger than your love for Jamaica - who you helped to create and a majority of whose population showed up for your first funeral.

I guess that Jamaica wasn't willing to "compensate" your widow enough to just leave you the hell alone. Truly an appalling development that outstrips even the worst that Yoko Ono could come up with.
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