The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Give, Dammit!! - But Give Smart!
Here are links to a few fine institutions providing aid to victims of the disaster in Asia.

Make sure your money gets to those in need. In addition to the above charities, check out Charity Navagator for tips on how to give most effectively to Tsunami victims. (the site has been swamped for the past day with people trying to find charities to give to, so just reload if the link does not work) This is a not-for-profit service which rates charities in order of effciency vs. thier peers. Four-Star Charities are the best, so be sure to give to them if you can. Also, check out the Network for Good for a complete list of charities accepting web donation for victims.

(Cozmo assisted with this post)
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