The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, January 05, 2005
It's stuff like this that makes me seriously consider quitting the human race. According to the NY Daily News, text messages offering to sell hundreds of Indonesian orphans into sexual slavery are fueling fears that pedophile rings are prowling the tsunami-ravaged region. Here's a message that appeared yesterday on the cell phone of a UNICEF worker in nearby Malaysia:

"Three hundred orphans aged 3-10 years from Aceh for adoption. All paperwork will be taken care of. No fee. Please state age and sex of child required."
Does it get any worse than that? I mean really, what kind of soulless animal must one have to be to involve one's self in shit like this? If there's an appropriate means of torture, eternal damnation or whatever to deal with these sick fucks, it's completely beyond the realm of my imagination. Appalling.
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