The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, January 06, 2005
I dropped my puppy off at the vet this morning, and in an hour, some guy in a surgical mask will chop off his newly developed manhood. Yeah, that's right. I'm having him snipped up.

In my mind, I know this is the right thing move for him and his life will be better because of it. His puppy hormones were starting to get out of wack - and the longer you wait to neuter a dog, the worse it is for him. The timing is right, if you will. I also know some other things:
I know that un-neutered dogs get attacked by those that are neutered ad the dog run, and most dogs are fixed - a plus.
I know that he won't want to pee on every pole he sees anymore - Thats a big plus.
I know that he won't go as crazy when he sees his girlfriend Lola anymore - Another big plus.
I know that he won't want to hump his buddies Baxter, Milo and Henry's faces anymore - A HUGE plus, if for the embarassment factor.
I know that he'll never have the chance to roam the open fields, plowing every dog in sight (as long as I live in Manhattan), so why drive him crazy in the interim - that an humane decision plus.

However, the other side of the arguement (espoused to me by my doorman last night) is much more simple and effective - "Yeah, but still."

I mean, he's got no more balls - That hurts. Hell, I even balked at the extra two C-notes for neuticles (Check out the flash animation...nice).

But, it's too late now. So Grievers, what do you think? Did I do the right thing for the puppy? Or is Cozmo a heartless cheap-prick hypocrite? Sound off in the Comments.

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