The Airing of Grievances
Friday, January 14, 2005
Bush's Unpaid Bill
D.C. officials said yesterday that the Bush administration is refusing to reimburse the District for most of the costs associated with next week's inauguration, breaking with precedent and forcing the city to divert $11.9 million from homeland security projects.
Are there any depths to which these jokers won't sink?

The utter lack of shame of the Bushies reminds me of some silver-spoon-in-the-mouth kid who thinks he can do whatever he wants because he's never had to face any repercussions for his actions. Ya know, the kid who gets caught blatantly cheating on an exam and then his parents come in and try to (and sometimes do) get the teacher who exposed the little cheat fired. It's always a simply glorious moment when someone steps up and without even bothering with words cracks that little "I'm entitled to whatever I want" fuck in jaw. Would be really nice if something similar could happen here without the rest of us having to pay for it.

(Thanks, Unknown)
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