The Airing of Grievances
Sunday, January 16, 2005

Can it get any worse than this?

First the Yankees.

And now this?



Just shoot me.

And while you're at it...

Please shoot Chad Pennington. He who feels others are "privileged" to write about him playing ball. He who engineered three points on offense the entire friggin' game. He who was laughing immediately following the loss. I mean really, what in the fuck is that? Laughing? That's just so completely beyond the pale it's ridiculous. Laughing? Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck. Him. Seriously. Just stick a scalding hot poker right up his ass. Fucking prick.

Please shoot Herman Edwards. Is he fucking retarded? You're kicker just doinked one from 47 yards and you basically forego trying to get him inside of 40 for the game winner? You get two fucking plays off in the last minute of regulation with all three time outs left? You do the same thing that cost the team you beat last week? Did you learn nothing you fucking moron? I mean really, move over Lieutenant Galloway, Herm Edwards just took the prize for the galactically fucking stupid. And he took it going away. Total fucking idiot.

Please shoot Doug Brien. You're a goddamn professional and you can't make one of two chances from inside 50 yards? Fucking pathetic. Actually, you may not even have to shoot him, perhaps the rest of those cats who played their freaking hearts out like Curtis Martin, like Dwayne Robertson, like Jonathan Vilma, like Santana Moss, like Reggie Tongue, like Shaun Ellis, perhaps those warriors will just do us all a favor and beat the man to death. Slowly.

I mean really, how can the Jets not win that game? How? How many things did they need to break their way to seal the deal? An interception for a touchdown? Check. A punt return for a touchdown? Check. A Bettis fumble as the Steelers are marching for a score? Check. An absolutely brutal game from "Big Ben"? Check. A huge fourth quarter interception? Check. Two field goals from under 50 yards to win the game? Check. And you can't get it fucking done? Disgraceful. Just absolutely positively fucking disgraceful.

Did I ask you to shoot me yet?
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