The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, December 09, 2004
War of Choice

Yesterday, our favorite wanna be cowboy and yours addressed US troops in aKuwait staging camp. Don Rumsfeld was peppered with dissenting questions from troops as he tried to pump them up. Rummy hemmed and hawed and gawked as troops questioned him on why they had to "rummage through scrap heaps" to get proper arming for thier vehicles. The troops cheered the dissent. Rumsfeld response was a callous, "you go to war with the Army you have".

Oh yeah? Well, thanks for nuttin', Rummy.

(BTW, this is certainly not our generation's version of Vietnam. Nothing to see here.)

Well, you AofGers know better. You can check out Spc. Thomas Wilson asking his question, the troops cheering and Rummy squirming like a weasel here.

But the thing that noone is really commenting on about this is that the administration has spent an enormous amount of political capital telling the world this is a "war of choice". Yet, it this was a war of choice, and volunteer army be being told that it is not the Army we "want to have," then why the hell would we choose this war now, at this time if we didn't have a properly equipped army to win it? Unbelievable.

For his part, Rummy is slinking away from his on-the-spot comments with platitudes like "It doesn't happen instantaneously, but it has been happening pretty rapidly,". Thanks Don. Good to know you are on the case. If my kid were in Iraq, I'd be sleeping soundly, I'm sure.

The AofG sends out a huge "Bravo!" to Spc. Tom Wilson for bringing Rumsfeld to task.
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