The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, December 02, 2004
To Hell in a Hand Basket
You see stuff like this and you can't help but think that's where our country is headed. Unreal.

I mean really, this system we're working with is really quite a mess. You have public school teachers fighting the good fight and being rewarded with like fifty grand a year to do so. That might be passable amount of change in some parts of America, but it you're living in New York, have a family of four, and are pulling down fifty grand? Not so nice. And speaking of teachers, what of our terribly underfunded inner city schools that bear greater resemblances to war zones, than any type of place of education? And what of our first responders, folks who put their lives on the line daily so all of us can be safe, who similarly receive the very short end of the stick. There's not enough change to take care of any of these folks (or our schools), but enough to make the Barry Manilows and Celine Dions of the world wealthier than some entire nations? Makes perfect sense to me.

That being said, perhaps the more disturbing thing here is that those two can command that type of compensation in the first place. Just an incredibly disturbing illustration of the collective taste, and dare I say "culture" of our country. Seriously, who attends these shows? At what point is it acceptable to say to your buddies, your girl, your mom, your dad, your hooker or whoever, "Hey, you know what? Let's check out Barry Manilow tonight"? I really don't give the citizens of our country much credit, but this one truly has me mystified. Signing off and shaking my head. Unreal.

PS: By the way, next time Ms. Dion starts bitching and moaning about anything, someone needs to suggest that she wash that shit down with a nice tall glass of Shut The Fuck Up. (Hat tip: dirktungsten.) Sounds like Frank's girl can use some too.
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