The Airing of Grievances
Friday, December 10, 2004
Slave Life Was To Them A Life Of Plenty

The only word that comes to mind when you find out that the title above is a quote from a school book that is being pimped as history at a Christian School in Cary, NC. School principal, Larry Stephenson, defends his choice of history text by saying that the booklet is essential to give students a view of the southern side of the story, as well as what the Bible says about slavery (apparently, the actual BIBLE was not available to teachers at Stephenson's school.)

I will spare you all wholesale quoting from the article and the text, which you really must read for yourself. However, in addition to the title of this post, my favorite nuggest is this:
But many Southern blacks supported the South because of long established bonds of affection and trust that had been forged over generations with their white masters and friends.

Illustrative examples of the "affection and trust" between slaves and their white "friends".

Oh, by the way, the school in question is one of the few Christian schools in the Triangle Area that experiencing increasing enrollment. Nice. Good to know the cracka base is mobilized and paying for quality education. Besides "Slavery Apoligetics 101", the school teachings features Plato and Socrates. I wonder if Al Cracka knows that Plato and Socrates were ass-pounding homosexuals? Nice to see that they are exposing impressionable young Christian minds in the hot, man-on-man action of The Symposium.

Maybe the most distressing part of all of this is that these people are supposed to be the "Moral Majority" driving the future of the United States and its policies. I weep for the future of our nation as long as assclowns like Larry Stephenson are given any more than 3/5 of a vote.

Atrios linked to this today, and long-time Griever Nordy is all over it at MiBlogWeighsATon. Check in with MiBlogWeighsATon for more as this story develops. I think Nordy may just start a full scale riot over this one.
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