The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, December 22, 2004
The Perfect Stocking Stuffer
Rats. That's right, some San Francisco rats, 38 of 'em to be exact, are available for adoption. And with 168 of 'em already out the door, I'd say you best not waste anytime. But before you get your hopes up, you should know that adopting one of the little fellers is really no walk in the park. From the San Francisco Chronicle:
On Tuesday at high noon, the rats became eligible for adoption by the public. Lindsay duPont and her mother, Lisa, drove all the way from their San Ramon home, looking for just the right rat.

First, they had to run the rat adoption gantlet -- filling out rat forms, answering rat questions and presenting their rat cage for inspection. The rat adoption form has 114 interrogatories, including an entire category titled "hopes and expectations'' for prospective rat owners. Then there's the fee of $10 per rat, which tends to weed out snake owners posing as rat lovers in order to get their hands on something to toss to their snakes.

The duPonts passed muster, and their money was good. They were escorted upstairs to the rats.
Well, at least this gives yours truly something to look forward to. For as long as I remember, the only thing I've been getting in the 'ole stocking is some coal. But this year, there just might be something new. A furry little friend. Wonderful.
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