The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Lousiana Supreme Court Judge Timothy Ellender has been suspended for a year without pay for dishonoring his position. His transgression? Well generally, being a horse's ass, but specifically, the judge, who is white, wore blackface makeup, handcuffs and a jail jumpsuit at a Halloween party. And here's the funny thing, Ellender says he didn't mean to insult blacks and the judges who imposed his penalty agreed.

The primary thing that kills me here -- and it always does in these type of incidents -- is that Ellender has been ordered to take a course "which will assist him in achieving a greater understanding of racial sensitivity." The guy's a friggin' judge and he needs training to know that something like that is downright offensive? Sounds like something one who did not have his head firmly planted up his ass just might pick up by inhabiting the planet for a couple of years. But, hey, maybe that's asking too much. Ridiculous.
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