The Airing of Grievances
Saturday, December 25, 2004
I Gotta Lotta Problems With You People - Jackie's Fourth Edition
Man, the Festivus spirit is taking over my soul. Yet another group of folks I'm having problems with. Lawyers who have zero respect for the holiday season. Can't fucking stand 'em. But, what I can stand, and actually love in fact, is opposing lawyers who colorfully put those ebenezers in their place. Matter of fact, I just heard such a story and it made my Christmas heart chuckle. Thought it might make yours chuckle too.

Here goes. Apparently, on December 17 in a case pending in Dallas, Texas, defendant lawyer (Alfonso Chan) filed a motion to compel plaintiffs to produce certain documents despite the fact that plaintiffs counsel (Mike Lynn) had already filed a letter with the court requesting a vacation. According to Mr. Chan's motion, Lynn's vacation letter was "untimely and unreasonable" because it was "filed the afternoon before [Mr. Lynn's] vacation and after he was informed that we would be filing the foregoing motions and setting them for hearing," and Mr. Chan asked the court to ignore the vacation letter. Untimely? That's rich.

In any event, the judge granted Mr Lynn's vacation request and ignored Mr. Chan's motion which prompted Mr. Lynn to write a Dr. Seussian response brief to the motion entitled "How The Grinch Stole Christmas Vacation -or- Response to Request to Ignore Vacation Letter." Here's the brief. Enjoy.

Happy Festivus! & Merry Christmas!
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