The Airing of Grievances
Friday, December 24, 2004
I Gotta Lotta Problems With You People - Jackie's Third Edition
Yet another grievance. This one's with folks who talk-the-talk, but do not walk-the-walk. Doesn't get much worse than that. Can't fucking stand 'em.

Case in point. Soon to be ex-Yankee Javier Vazquez. After showing absolutely zero courage with his performance (or lack thereof) on the field, he's decided to become a little big man with his words. From Foxsports.com:

"I'm disappointed that the Yankees are talking about trading me for having only a bad second half to the season. I've had four consistent seasons in the major leagues, and for one bad second half it's unfair that they want to trade me. I still trust in my abilities, and if the Yankees trade me, they will regret it."
Oooooohhh, ominious words there Javy. Sure the Yanks are quaking in their boots. But seriously, here's a reality check dude. If the Bombers have anything to regret it's having signed you in the first place. Bottom line is that when the spotlight was on you consistently crapped the bed like someone with a bad case of diarhhea after a few too many helpings of rancid refried beans. In fact, you're well on your way to joining the likes of Greg Norman, Chris Webber and Armando Bentitez as first-ballot inductees into the Choker's Hall of Fame. So listen, do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. You had your chance to walk-the-walk and you failed miserably. And now you want to talk-the-talk? Whatever. Good riddance, dude.
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