The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, December 23, 2004
I Gotta Lotta Problems With You People - Kenny Banyan Edition
i have lots of grievances!

the 1st is the yankees and steinbrenner's feeble attempts to get good pitching. it's why they lost the world series. vasquez? wtf? kevin brown's easy going temper? and then there's the whole big-unit debacle...would have been nice to bring pedro back to daddy too.

i live in boston and i have to say that this town sucks! well, it's not that bad, but people here seem cold and unfriendly. new yorkers are supposed to be mean and nasty, but i've found them much more affable than their northern counterparts. i grew up in chicago, and the people there are nicer than here too...and the liquor and bar laws suck here too.

another grievance - 4 more (LONG) years.

happy festivus everyone!
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