The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, December 23, 2004
I Gotta Lotta Problems With You People - Kramer Edition
I know I have a personal stake in this one but I am going to vent anyway. I owned YUKOS stock and could not believe that Putin could (i) manufacture a tax bill in excess of revenues for the same period (This would be like the IRS saying you owe them $100,000 when your income was only $25,000), (ii) create a dummy corporation in a building that houses a bar and a cell-phone store, (iii) have that dummy corporation buy YUKOS's largest unit in a sham auction and (iv) have a government entity, Rosneft, buy that dummy corporation.

I am not saying that the Oligarchs are clean. I am saying that Putin really does not care about Russian or International investors. He is also going after Vimpelcom, Russia's leading cell-phone company. It appears he has a master plan to repatriate or take back any important industry leading company. Smells like the home-styled cooking of Communism in many ways. I guess history has failed to teach him anything.

What did we do wrong? He also does not appear to want people to invest in Russia. Because investors like to put there money in places where the rule of low exists.

He is so smug and he offers no explanation. He actually bristled and claimed that the auction occurred in compliance with Russian and International law. I would really like to see this code or statute.

We in the USA are not without sin on many levels. But this is silly. And Bush has said little to shame him because he requires Russian support or silence at least in Iraq.

Putin is a modern day "Debo", the popular character from the movie "Friday". I cannot wait to see him get his f@cking ass kicked. I would wish him worse but it is Christmas. I will savor the bad ending of his story though.
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