The Airing of Grievances
Monday, December 27, 2004
George Carlin
Apparently the painkiller bug has bitten him in the ass. And what of it? The man has a problem and he's dealing with it on his own terms. Anyone who rolls out any Rush Limbaugh comparsions should be tied down and given the Cooking Tong Treatment. In any event, the real reason I posted this "news" is to share some George Carlin goodness that I just came across. The man has a whole host of hilarious grievances to share concerning the media's coverage of athletics. Here's a taste:
Nor do I wanna know about some athlete's crippled little brother or his hemophiliac sister. The Olympics specialize in this kind of mawkish bullshit. Either his aunt has the clap, or his kid has a forty-pound mole, or his high school buddy overdosed on burritos. Can't sports exist on television without all this embarrassing, maudlin, super-sentimental, tear-jerking bullshit! Keep your personal disasters to yourself, and get in there and score some fuckin' points, ya creepy fuckin’ sweatmonger.

And you can skip tellin' me about the Chevrolet player of the game. A thousand-dollar contribution to a scholarship fund in the athlete's name. Shit. A thousand dollars won't even keep a kid in decent drugs for half a semester. Fuck Chevrolet. And fuck Keith Jackson. And fuck forced wholesomeness.
The entire rant is here. High comedy.
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