The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Gas Prices Too High?
Well, perhaps you should give this character a call. According to the Maryland Dispatch:
John Adam Wesolowski, 24, was arrested early Sunday morning after a witness told police he saw him urinate into a car’s gas tank. The witness called police from a cell phone after he said he saw Wesolowski approach a 2005 Pontiac Gran Prix, unscrew the gas cap, place his penis in the receptacle and then urinate.
Sorry for the silliness, but this type of stuff cracks me up. The guy actually took the time to unscrew the thing and place his ding-a-ling right up in there? People, especially drunk ones, are funny.

PS: In all honestly, if they hadn't reported the guy's name I woulda bet big money that the human pump was a cat I went to college with. Guy had a unusually big thing for urinating in women's closets. Used to go over real well. Classy dude.
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