The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
A Gang Green Grievance

The Golden Boy of the New York Jets ripped the New York media a new one yesterday. From where I sit, Pennington was pretty much out of line. As entertaining and on point as his rant may have been, it certainly displayed some questionable form. Yeah, of course there are some assholes in the press, but Pennington has a helluva lot less standing than most to take them to task. The kid, or, more accurately, The Chosen One, has been given the royal treatment since Day One. And his whole "privilege" angle -- "You took that job. You have an opportunity to be around some of the greatest athletes in the world. That's an opportunity. It's not your right. It is a privilege." -- is really a little bit ludicrous. Maybe I'm being crazy here, but I'm thinking that a dude who gets paid millions of dollars a year to play a game is about the last person who should be chucking around the privilege card. In any event, let's hope he puts this nonsense behind him and get his act together for the Pats, the Playoffs and, yes, the Super Bowl.
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