The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Frank Looks Back
Since I'm still a bit uninspired and have yet to find a suitable target for two weeks of pent-up holiday- and death-fueled anger, it's time to get a jump on all the year-end retrospectives that you're likely to see in all forms of media in the coming days.

In 25 years, when someone asks me what happened in 2004, my response will be simple: Bush won, Mom died, and the Airing of Grievances was born. When they engrave AofG's tombstone, April Fool's Day 2004 will be carved as its birthdate. The rationale behind the blog was simple: embrace the American way of shrill complaining, direct all of my misplaced anger and loathing towards strangers on the Internet, rather than limiting it to just friends and family, indulge my not-so-latent narcissism and, hopefully, make people laugh. Within a week, I discovered that I was woefully out of my element and that there was no way I was creative enough to produce as much content as I wanted. Enter Cozmo and his well-constructed Dennis Miller-esque (before he went crazy and started pulling 0.5 shares) rants. Five months later, still not satisfied with our progress, Content Machine Jackie Chiles joined the family, completing the circle.

Due in no small part to the election, 2004 became known as the year of the blogger. Earlier in the year, I read a very insightful interview with Markos Moulitsas, he of Daily Kos. I'm paraphrasing, but he said that blogging, for him, was at its best when he had about 100 regular readers and could say whatever the hell he wanted without fear of repurcussion (this was an opinion no doubt informed by all the shit Kos had taken in the mainstream media in response to his feeling that, as a veteran, he didn't give a fuck about the deaths of highly paid civilian mercenaries in Fallujah - the price of an expanded audience that I hope we can someday pay).

Well, guess what? We're playing in that idealized space. On a good day, we get 300-400 hits from over 100 unique users, most of which are regulars. We're small enough to say what we want and not get fired from our day jobs and large enough to have a bunch of people hear it and get a discussion going. 2005 will hopefully see several improvements to the site and a further expansion of our audience, with the following tactics in mind:
- Migrating the blog from the horrendously shitty Blogger platform to something a bit more user-friendly.
- Shameless self-promotion.
- Continued efforts at destroying existing oligopolistic political and media structures.
- Shameless self-promotion.
- Personally investing more time towards producing and refining content.
- Improving interactive capabilities for our readers. Our current commenting system sucks.
- Shameless self-promotion.
The goal, of course, is media dominance and we'll get there with your help. Thanks for reading so far, we hope you'll be along for the ride!
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