The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, December 08, 2004
The Evil That Al Doeth

Well, if you had any doubts about the moral high ground on which Reverend Al Sharpton purports to stand, this story should certainly put them to rest. The story, told by Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett, pulls the curtain back on the Reverend and exposes him for the hypocrite that he is. It's a tale of an alleged extramarital affair, one that the Reverend so feared, that he placed a bullseye on his wife's back in an effort to ensure that it never saw the light of day.
On the eve of the publication of this story, The Village Voice received an extraordinary letter signed by the two attorneys most closely associated with Reverend Al Sharpton, Michael Hardy and Sanford Rubenstein. Promising "to pursue all legal remedies" if the story appeared, the letter spelled out what it said was "a false allegation" involving Sharpton's wife of 23 years, Kathy Sharpton, noting that the Voice had "been informed" of this allegation by "several individuals." Then it warned that publishing "any story which talks about false allegations of Rev. Sharpton and not false allegations regarding Ms. Sharpton would demonstrate your actionable malice towards Rev. Sharpton."
Well, unfortunately for the Reverend, his deplorable tactics were ignored, and the resulting article by Barrett presents a extremely compelling case that Sharpton has been cheating on his wife for some time. Now granted, a little hanky panky should not be the end all be all, but considering that the Reverend was all too willing to toss Jesse Jackson under the bus, considering that he's making statements on "Meet the Press" such as: "All of us are talking about whether God is on our side. Are we really on God's side?", and considering he's constantly blathering about "protecting American values", well, let's just say he's been caught with his pants down big time.

Barrett sums my thoughts on the Reverend pretty nicely with this line:
For New Yorkers who know our most famous reverend well, watching him on display as a post-election ethical compass, representing Democratic values, is the final sick joke in a year when we thought Karl Rove already had the last laugh.

PS: Somewhere out there, I'm sure Steven Pagones is smiling.
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