The Airing of Grievances
Monday, December 06, 2004
Eddieeeee, WhatHaveYouDoneForMeLately, Eddieeeee?
Eddieeeee, I WANT HALF!

Remember Eddie Murphy's Raw album? (which, other than this joke, has not aged all that well - comes off as just a kid cursing to sound like he's cursing, Delirious has much better legs) When he was talking about how stupid divorce law is in this country, and he talked about his ficiticious wife from the wiles of Africa, plucking her from the bushveld and bringing her to LA, where one of the nasty money-grubbing women he knows tells his wife how she can get half of everything he owns in a divorce?

Well, that happened, it seems to Juan Rodriguez, the parking attendant with a negative $43,999.22 net worth who won the $149 million Mega Million lottery. He took it all in one $88 million lump sum payment. His wife, who was separated from her husband and had already started divorce proceedings because of his financial woes, reconciled with her husband in time to make it to Albany for the $88 million dollar check to clear. Then, she stays with the guy for all of a week, and now she wants half too.

What a tasteless, weak, and damned-fool thing to do. I mean if you are gonna slut yourself out as a moneyed wife (or husband - I'm looking at you, Tom Arnold), at least put in a few years. I hope she gets a few hundred grand and a swift kick in the ass.
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