The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, December 08, 2004
There simply is no other way to describe the NBA's Latrell Sprewell. In 1994, after his four-year-old daughter was attacked by one of the family's pit bulls, leaving her with a severed ear, Sprewell initially refused to put the dog down and said the attack didn't traumatize him because "stuff happens." Then, in 1995, Sprewell had a scrap with teammate Jerome Kersey during practice, left the gym, and returned minutes later brandishing a two-by-four and threatened to shoot him. Next, in 1997, after coach P.J. Carlesimo yelled at Sprewell to make crisper passes, he threatened to kill Carlesimo, dragged him to the ground by his throat, left practice, and returned minutes later later to punch him. Then, earlier this year, the man called a three-year $27 million contract offer insulting because "I've got a family to feed." And now, with time running out in a recent game, Sprewell shouted "Suck My Dick!" at a heckling fan, and when a female fan in the section responded, "Watch your language, there are kids in this section!", Spree glared at her and replied, "Hey, Fuck You, Bitch!"

Honestly, Sprewell certainly deserves his props. After all, the man makes Dennis Rodman look like a saint. And that, my friends, is pretty damn hard to do. Well done, Spree. Now please take a very hot poker and shove it up your ass. Thanks.

Note: In light of Kramer's Comments in the Barry Bonds post, I wonder if any Grievers think Sprewell is catching an unfair amount of heat. Do you? (Thanks to Bill Simmons and Mike Puma for the goods.)
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