The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Cigs for the Troops
Heck, if the fellas can't have any armor at least they can have a few squares, right? Well, apparently Chicago radio host Mike North thinks so. He's heading up the "North's Smokes for Soldiers"drive and is catching flack from the American Lung Association who feels there are better ways to support the troops "than by sending them a product that, when taken as directed, will kill them." Honestly, that strikes me as a fairly comedic "rationale", but hey what do I know? Best to ask someone with a little better grasp on the situation. Like North, a former solider himself:
"The last thing on a soldier's mind is catching lung cancer. It's a little twisted that they would want to deny our guys cigarettes."
Well maybe not as twisted as the Secretary of Defense wanting to deny the troops armor, but it does seems somewhat screwy nonetheless. Y'all up for a collection?
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