The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
For those of you AofG'ers living in the Northeast, you know precisely what I'm talkin'. Sheesh, talk about the bottom falling out. It's friggin' hellacious out there. A completely different type of animal. The brickest of the brick.

Had to walk about ten blocks tonight to catch some din-din and a show. And like the jackass that I am, I left the house this morning without a hat, gloves or a scarf. Needless to say, the trek was beyond brutal. Felt like my face was gonna fall off from like the tenth of a block point on.

So finally, after popping into two different stores to avoid certain death, I hit the ten block spot. Yes. I'm here. 244 West 48th right? Nope. 244 is a friggin' nail salon. My knucklehead brother sent me to the wrong address. Just might have to kill him. Too bad he can kick my ass. Anyways, had to double back three blocks and an avenue. Horrible times. Shit, just might try and kill him anyhow. And I'm sure those of you who were out there braving that mess tonight can relate.

In any event, my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone sleeping on those streets tonight. God bless them. Seriously.
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