The Airing of Grievances
Monday, December 20, 2004

What's that pictured above? A Zamboni exploding. That's right, an ice resurfacing machine exploded Sunday night in Duluth sending one "broomball player" to the hospital. Broomball?

Anyways, on the topic of explosions, I just saw where the NY Daily News is reporting that according to former CIA counterterrorism official Michael Scheuer -- the same Michael Scheurer who took the Bush administation to task in Imperial Hubris -- "recent tapes from Al Qaeda's top kingpins could mean that a spectacular strike against the U.S. is imminent." (My emphasis.)

Now granted, it is the Daily News, and it's not even close to Page 1 material, but do we really need to start with this could be imminent stuff again? It serves absolutely zero constructive purpose and I, for one, have had far more than enough of it already. Matter of fact, I could be ready to disembowel the next "reporter" I find pushing this "the sky is falling" crap. Perhaps I'll start with myself.
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