The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, December 16, 2004
Another AofG Endorsement & Some NY Goodness

For Brooklyn. Not the borough, but the Broadway musical. I'm usually not a musical guy, but I caught it last night and thought it was fantastic. Nice little tribute to the borough, nice little story -- an urban fairy tale that really is quite delightful --and, most notably, an outstanding five-person cast. Two of the solos and one of the duets were some of the most powerful renditions I've ever heard on Broadway. Not so much the content, but the delivery. The range, boundless. The passion, palabale and pure. Just some very powerful stuff.

Unfortunately, the theater was pretty much empty. Perhaps this was because it was a frigid Wednesday night; however, if Brooklyn is simply suffering from consistently poor turnout that really would be a shame. Those five phenoms certainly deserve more than a brief Broadway run. Here's hoping that they have one.

Funny New York moment prior to the show. We had just taken our seats and Big Brother Chiles and I started chuckling about how the lady doing the seating was taking her job just a tad bit too seriously. So, this guy comes up with his girl, walks right past the Usher Nazi and proceeds to pop a squat in one of the empty seats. The UN quickly followed behind.

"Excuse me sir, is that your seat." "No." "Well, you're going to have to move to the seat for which you purchased tickets." Then, in a pleading high-pitched voice, with his girlfriend by his side already showing signs of the "please stop, you're embarrasing me" face, "But there's nobody here. The show's about to start and nobody's here, just let us sit here." "No sir, you'll have to sit in your assigned seat." "Are you kidding me? Nobody's here." "Sir, people are picky about their seats and if they come in during the show ..." "They can just sit somewhere else, like there, there, there, there, there, there -- (with each "there" demonstratively pointing to a different empty seat). I paid full price for my tickets and you're giving me a hard time? Maybe I just should return them and you guys could lose some more money." "Do you want to return your tickets, sir?" "Can I?" "Yes sir, come with me." "Listen, this is ridiculous, I paid money to see the show and you're treating me like this. Look around you there's nobody here, this is where I'm sitting." "Mike. Mike. Mike." So Mike comes down. "Mike, this gentlemen will not sit in his assigned seat." "What seems to be the problem, sir." .... "Sorry, sir you have to sit in your assigned sit or we're going to have to ask you to leave." "That's absurd. I paid money, you're losing money and I can't sit here even though nobody's here? Fine, whatever." So he begins walking to his seat and not too quietly exclaims, "The guy must have an IQ of a fucking gnat!"

All in all, a nice little perfomance by him. Some pure well-reasoned New York obnoxiousness gets the job done every time. Almost as good as the show we paid for. Well, not really, but I think you get my point.

Full Disclosure: The few reviews I read prior to the show did not quite agree with my assessment. Some of that may be attributable to a generational thing -- as this review from New York Magazine suggests. Me and the Big Bro loved it. The Grandparents not so much. Mama and Papa Chiles really liked it too -- they're cool like that.
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