The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, November 30, 2004
World Class Harvard Hateration
Start with intelligence. Add grain alcohol. Season liberally with "Inferiority Complex". That is the recipe for truly fantastic college prank.

During The Game - 2004, between Harvard and Yale at Soldier Field, undercover Eli operatives dressed as the "Harvard Pep Squad" handed out cardboard that was supposed to spell out "Go Harvard", yet when they put their plan into action, the truth was revealed:

The "HPS" Yalies have a pretty slickly produced video of the event and its build-up on their website, but the streaming seems to peter out after their Everclear tailgate party, and we don't get the full effect. (Ahhh, college...) Damn you Yalies with your great ideas and your miniscule bandwidth.

Ed. Note - Due to strong Harvard alumni involvement on our Comments boards, and Cozmo's rugby touring mates, the AofG is generally a "Crimson-Friendly" zone, but these guys from Yale came up with a solid. Well done.

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