The Airing of Grievances
Monday, November 15, 2004
Wine 'Em, Dine 'Em, Sixty-Three 'Em

Just when I was ready to be all conciliatory and shit with the folks from the Red States, I have to read a story like this. Fort Wayne's own John Hostettler is making a serious run at the Ohio Congressman who came up with Freedom Fries and his ownership of the Fuck-knuckle Timewaster Achievement Award.
"Every time I have been out in the public with an ‘I-69’ button on my lapel, teenagers point and snicker at it. I have had many ask me if they can have my button. I believe it is time to change the name of the highway. It is the moral thing to do."
Gott in Himmel...

(I would thank Big Willie Style for sending along the link, but, really, I'm incapable of behaved, rational discourse after reading this)

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