The Airing of Grievances
Monday, November 01, 2004
Tracking Polls 11/1/04 and A Little Unfinished Business
Zogby: Bush 48, Kerry 47, Undecided 3
Rasmussen: Bush 48.8%, Kerry 47.4%, Other 1.9%, Not Sure 1.9%
WaPo: Bush 49, Kerry 48, Nader 1
Electoral Vote: Bush 231, Kerry 298

That's it, last post on the tracking polls before it all goes down. My electoral vote prediction? Kerry 296, Bush 242. Take Electoral Vote's totals, give NH (from a tie) and HI (from Bush) to Kerry, WI (from Kerry) and NM (from a tie) to Bush, and that's where I see it. Post your predictions in the Comments, if you so choose...

Oh yeah, I guess we never got around to offering the Official AofG Endorsement for President. If you can't figure out who the three of us are going for, it means this is probably the first post you're reading on our fair blog. Scroll down a little...
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