The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Thoughts On The Night
Thoughts I'm having as I get ready for bed:

- I'm really glad Florida doesn't seem to be contestable, with a clear Bush win. If we're going to have a media frenzy, at least make the media deal with the bitch-ass cold Ohio weather. My hopes are with the remaining 26% of votes from my home state that still are to be counted.
- C-SPAN, as usual, rules. Not the channel (although that kicks ass too), but the website electoral map. Constantly updated and no seizure-inducing graphics. As soon as I overheard Ann Coulter's voice on the TV in the other room, I knew it was time to make the next few hours web-only.
- The youth of this country need to wake the fuck up and Rock The Vote needs to be a bit less, oh, I don't know, useless? Is that the word I'm looking for? Because, as The Daily Show pointed out earlier this year, youth voter turnout has done nothing but decline since they started trying to improve it. Flat this year. Pathetic.
- I hearby swear I will never take another exit poll seriously again. Ever. Really. I'm sorry.
- I'm tapped out and could use a drink. I'm glad this night is almost over.

Finally, thank you to our readers, particularly those who frequently visit the site. Election Day will go down as the busiest day in the 6+ month history of AofG. Today, we had 510 hits, 170 unique visitors and, of those unique visitors, 111 returning visitors. Small by some blog standards, but all records for us. Except for the unique visitor count. Apparently, we need to post more pictures of Massholes willing to pimp their wives out for Sox tickets to break that milestone.

This may be the sleep deprivation kicking in, but I have to say that working on this blog with Cozmo, Jackie and all of you has done a hell of a lot for me. I'm more informed, more opinionated, more confident of what I believe in than I ever have been before. I hope the same can be said for at least a few of our readers. I know for a fact that blogs and online message boards have changed minds this election season and I think as we move on, they will become an increasingly important media force, particularly in the arena of politics. I wouldn't mind being involved in that.

Thanks primarily to the creativity of my colleagues, this blog is at the exact stage I hoped it could get to from Day One. We want to push it further. So, if you like what you've been seeing, tell your friends. Link to us. If we crack you up or say something totally outlandish and stupid, talk back to us in the Comments and forward the post in question to your colleagues with a note about how great/retarded we are. Don't be a stranger.

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