The Airing of Grievances
Monday, November 22, 2004
Student Ordered To Remove Anti-Bush Shirt

First, we had the so-called free-speech zones -- such a ridiculous concept on its face you would think its proponents would be embarrassed -- and now, we have some more pure horseshit like this. According to the Delaware News Journal, a thirteen year old student was threatened with suspension for wearing a t-shirt with the words, "The Real Terrorist Is In The White House," written in black on the front, and "End the Tyranny" written on the back.

Unsurprisingly, the school claims that it's neither violating the boy's first-amendment rights, nor choking on the administration's schlong that's so deeply embedded in their orifice of choice. No, none of that. Instead, the school claims it has a right to censor the boy, because the shirt is becoming a distraction. A distraction, huh? Perhaps I'm missing something, but when I was thirteen a whole lotta things, and a whole lotta outfits, distracted that hell out of me, and let's just say that not a single one of 'em had anything thing to do with a political message. Seems to me the only folks distracted here are the powers-that-be who simply do not like the message. And kudos to the boy for stepping up and calling them on their shit:
Truszkowski said he will circulate a petition next week, and if less than 20 people are offended by his shirt, he said he will wear it again. He may set a date where students can wear the same shirt to school, "to prove how many people are with me."
Well done, Mr. Truskowski. No way, no how do you give up your right to express your opinion on our government simply because you enter a school. Very nice to see that you're not letting those assclowns tell you otherwise. Excellent for you.
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