The Airing of Grievances
Friday, November 12, 2004
Show's Over Folks
Well, go ahead and bandy about whatever theory you like. But, looks the certain rationale ones on the right have gotten to the bottom of why the Democrats did so poorly. And the reason strongly suggests that no matter what the dems do, they're slated for second place until the end of time. Have a read for yourselves:

Then Bunning (R-KY), whom I personally admire a great deal, began to say unusual things [during the campaign], such as his opponent reminded him of one of Saddam Hussein's sons. The Louisville Courier Journal, which hates Bunning because of his beliefs, suggested that perhaps the Senator had become mentally ill... Bunning said he no longer watched television or read the newspapers. That did it. His support dropped like a cast-iron pancake...

...I heard over and over again the day after the election from Republican officials "we knew that one was gone" and "we braced ourselves for an upset." But the Lord knew better.
And here I thought He was too busy helping Kurt Warner complete a couple of passes on Sundays. Silly me.
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