The Airing of Grievances
Monday, November 01, 2004
'Scuse Me While I Bitch
Jesus. This election really can not be over soon enough. I've had it way past up to here with this bizness already. Please, please, please hurry up November 3rd. Please, please, please let there be a clear cut winner. And please, please, please let that winner be Kerry.

Just wondering. Does anybody give a flying fuck whether or not Bush shirked his National Guard obligations? Whether or not the Rather memos were fakes? Whether or not Kerry is up on the Red Sox? Does anybody give a flying fuck that billionairess Theresa Heinz Kerry had the audacity to (falsely) call out Laura Bush for never working a day in her life? That Osama purportedly endorsed Kerry? That the Boy King is an utterly incompetent lying sack of sh..., well ok, that one really is problematic.

Honestly though, while the information age sure has its upside, it certainly has some downsides too. Enough already.

All that being said, I'm sure I'll be sucked back in in about, oh, seventeen minutes. And I'm sure I'll be hitting you AofG'ers with more election fun.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Something I discussed the other day with AofG regular Unknown. (By the way, did you catch Unknown's last post in the Osama comments? If not, be sure to do so. Treee-mendous stuff.) Anyways, what happens when all of this over? A whole lotta folks are going to have a H-U-G-E void to fill. Seems to me that if the Boy King is re-elected, the monumental cottage industry that's developed as a result of his incompetence just very well may collapse. I just don't see folks having the energy to run dude down anymore. Of course, wonderful opportunities to do so will arise by the minute, but I fear a whole lot of folks are just going to say fuck it already. Might even pack the bags and move elsewhere. Seriously. And, if Kerry wins, well then what are all the Bush bashers to do? Turn to falafels? Vibrators? Bill O'Dickhead, you there, any thoughts?

There, that feels better. Much.
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