The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Real Time with Bill Maher
With all the hubabaloo about Sullivan grabbing his crack, and acting "Like an infant banging his spoon on the high-chair tray", I thought it worthwhile to check out this week's episode "on demand." Very happy that I did. But turns out my satisfaction was due to something entirely separate. Maher, who's typically about as smug and condescending a prick as one can be, was genuinely trying to be gracious to former Senator Alan Simpson (CO-R). Fortunately for the viewing public, Simpson was not having it. The 'ole feller was super pissy from the get-go. Clearly had an agenda. The agenda being to tell Bill Maher to take his (and the Left's) "we're smarter than you are" routine and "stick it in his pipe!" The tension that ensued, which had Maher visibly upset, was pretty damn fun t.v. If you have not seen it and have an opportunity to do so, check it. Very funny stuff.

PS: Here's an excerpt from the exchange. Though it's much, much better if you actually see it. And much better if you hear the full deal. Highly recommended.
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