The Airing of Grievances
Friday, November 19, 2004
Old Friends
Hit the streets last night for a 30th birthday party of a friend through one of my closest friends who passed away around three years ago. One of the most outstanding, brightest, interesting, fun-loving and genuinely care-free cats you'll ever meet. And I'm not saying that just to say it. I'm saying it because it's True. He was quite simply The Goods. Love him. Miss him. Hope he's well.

In any event, it was great to see some of the faces from the summers of '96 and '97 who, typically motivated by the Big Fella, always got things done. Without a doubt, we lived it up to the fullest. Outstanding times.

Anyways, I'd be remiss if I did not give a special " shout-out or high-five or props or whatever the annoying phrase is" (hat tip: James Wolcott) to the cat who made me reconsider my initial choice to skip the party. Ya see, the same cat who was clownin' about "The Linen Pants" (long story), while all the while calling me "The Airing of Grievances Man," is the same cat who said "nice to see you're letting Corporate America control your life" when I e-mailed him pre-party and said things were not looking good. Just one of those e-mails that made me take a step back and think a bit. A little perspective if you will. Thought about it. Thought about my buddy who would never, and I mean never, miss a chance to laugh wih some friends. Thought to my self, "Self, get your shit together and get your ass over there."

So, I got my ass over there and I'm really happy that I did. Old faces. New faces. Old stories. New stories. Old friends. New friends. Genuinely good times. And genuinely what it's all about. So, thanks for the fun guys, I'm sure the Big Fella was looking down on us and laughing that big 'ole laugh and smiling that big 'ole smile.

And in the enduring spirit of the Big Fella, I'm not gonna keep this all heavy. Gonna go right ahead and throw some much deserved props the Big Apple's way. Ya see, seeing as how I've been bogged down with the corporate life in the gawd-awful Times Square area for what seems like forever, I've really neglected the rest of the city and it's wondrous inhabitants. Well, the little shindig last night -- over in the newly developed and currently sheek meat packing district -- forced me to re-open my eyes to the wonderful sights and sounds of The City.

The sights? The women. Good lord. To parrot a phrase AofG regular BV used in the Reptilious comments, "off the friggin' chain." Just a bevy, and I mean bevy, of bee-uuu-tee-full women. Some legitimately other level shit. Bananas. And seeing as how one rarely sees this particular species in one's every day affairs, I'm left to wonder, as always, where the hell they come from? What they do all day? Where they do it?

The Sounds? Well, as always there's just too many to recount. The most notable: (i) A fat chick getting all salty about some fine chicks wearing outfits that her fat ass woulda looked disgusting in. Needless to say the two ladies were card carrying members of The Bananas Crew. The kicker here was the fat girl's man trying to act like he felt her while all the while staying firmly fixated on ass number one; (ii) A random brutha on the corner talking 'bout all the girls he's wined and dined, while downing a hearty swig from his brown bag and looking like he's going nowhere fast; (iii) The caribbean weed dealer saying to a passerby of Asisan descent, "Yo, China Man. Yo, China Man. Chinese. China Man. Chinese. Yo, China man." The Asian kid was none too pleased. High comedy.

So, in the end, last night I was able to catch up with some old friends -- those from the Big Fellas Crew and the Big Apple itself. In Shawsank Redemption, Andy Dufresne said "Get busy living or get busy dying." Well, thanks to the wonderful city that is New York, thanks to a coupla of words of wisdom, and thanks to the Big Fellas Crew, last night, yours truly got busy living. And, without question, I'm very happy that I did.
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