The Airing of Grievances
Monday, November 15, 2004
More CIA Hateration
This month's issue of The Atlantic Monthly has an edited version of a particularly chilling letter, written by former agent Michael Scheuer, former head of the Bin Ladin unit at the CIA and now better known as the once-anonymous author of Imperial Hubris: How the West Is Losing the War on Terror.

The letter details ten intelligence failures, nine of which occured during the Clinton administration, many of which indirectly paved the way for 9/11. However, it is the last one, a status report as of September 2004, that is the most chilling:
10. September 2004: In the CIA's core, U.S.-based Bin Laden operational unit today there are fewer Directorate of Operations officers with substantive expertise on al-Qaeda than there were on 11 September 2001. There has been no systematic effort to groom al-Qaeda expertise among Directorate of Operations officers since 11 September ... The excellent management team now running operations against al-Qaeda has made repeated, detailed, and on-paper pleas for more officers to work against the al-Qaeda—and have done so for years, not weeks or months—but have been ignored ...
With dipshit politicos like Porter Goss running the show now, the whole "Not If, But When" prognosis for future terrorist attacks weighs a bit more on the mind.
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