The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Kickball Anybody?
Y'all recall the kickball days? Back in elementary school, lunch recess, pick up sides, have some fun? Yeah, kickball, running bases, tag, catcher's flyer's up, and all that good stuff? Some of my fondest childhood memories. Good times. Well, looks like the youth in Iraq are trying to have a little playground fun as well. The game? Not quite the same innocent fun. More cowboys and indians and cops and robberish. From today's NY Times:

At one playground [in Mosul], Amin Muhammad, 10, and his friends raced around with plastic guns. "We divide ourselves into two teams," he said, "the mujahedeen versus the American forces." And in their battles, he said, the mujahedeen always win.
Pretty safe to conclude that in about four or five years most of these kids will be old enough to take this thing to the non-playground level. That's just wonderful. Nice to see the whole winning hearts and minds deal working out so well. Warms my heart.
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