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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Kerry-Edwards & Bush-Cheney Buttons
Just wondering where folks sit on this issue. Over at NRO, Jay Nordlinger's been going on about it for some time. In short, he can't stand 'em. And I have to say I'm with him. Is it really necessary to share your political beliefs with the general public? Will it really effect anyone else's vote? Are you that desperate for interconnectdness that you need to let others know you agree with them? Seriously, I just don't get it. There's just too much of a "the button wearer doth protest too much" feel about it. Personally think it's wack. Very.

Anyways, here's a couple of entertaining letters that Nordlinger received on the topic:

Mr. Nordlinger,

I was on business in Rehoboth Beach, Del., last month. In the morning, I was sitting at a small café on the boardwalk, having coffee. Nice retired couple sat down next to me, both wearing Kerry-Edwards buttons. They started chit-chatting with me. Eventually, the gentleman says, "You know, I'm not sure what we are going to do if this moron gets reelected president. The way he is alienating the world, and killing innocent children during war, and taking away our civil liberties, I just don't know . . ." He continued, "Actually, have you ever been to Ontario, Canada? We're going to go up there on vacation and plan to look at some property, and if Bush is reelected, we'll probably leave the country."

I calmly stood up, put my hand on his shoulder, and said, "I know exactly how you feel." His eyes grew really big and excited, and he said, "You do?" I said, "Yes: I felt the same way when Clinton was reelected" - and left him there speechless.
Mr. Nordlinger,

"I am an Administrative Law Judge for a federal agency. Our office has six such judges, four of whom are conservative Republicans (the other two are either apolitical or do not discuss their preferences openly). We have actually had an attorney show up to represent a client wearing a Kerry button. It struck me as the height of ignorance and arrogance."
Yeah, no doubt. That counselor is surely not too swift. C'mon now.
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