The Airing of Grievances
Sunday, November 28, 2004
Is Karl Rove Taking Notes?
As you've likely seen, Frank has done his typically stellar job in keeping us up to date on the recent Ukrainian elections and subsequent protests, here and here. As I inquired in the Comments to Frank's latter post, have you seen what's happened to the face of opposition leader Victor Yushchenko over the last coupla months? Have a look for yourselves:

The picture on the left is Yushchenko in July 2004 and the other in November, after a mystery illness. According to CNN.com, Yushchenko has accused Ukranian authorities of poisoning him. In the event that such is the case, that really is some truly reprehensible stuff. Dirty pool of the dirtiest variety. Sick.

(Hat tip to Drudge.)
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