The Airing of Grievances
Friday, November 05, 2004
I Need Me Some Brain!

So, looks like there's a mini-furor over some, er, creative advertisements plastered over New York City buses. From the NYDaily News:

The salacious ads by hip-hop clothing line Akademiks declare: "Read Books, Get Brain."

But kids say "get brain" does not mean smarts. It's slang for oral sex. And the company behind the ads told the Daily News the slogan choice was no mistake.

"We knew this," fessed up Anthony Harrison, Akademiks' ad designer. "It's coded language, city slang. Teens know what it means but the general public doesn't."
Nice to the see the city getting back some of the sexual flavor that was almost entirely expunged by Rudy "Blame the Troops" Giuliani. Very nice. Just opened a whole bunch of new strip clubs too. Crackheads and thugs? Bad. Street whores? Bad, but no so much. Give 'em a coupla strips and what's the problem? XXX shops? Perfectly fine. Strip clubs? Even better. After all, this is the melting pot, right? A little bit of everything for a little bit of everybody. Let's keep it that way

Anways, gotta run. Got some reading to do. Lots.
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