The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, November 18, 2004
How To Snarl Traffic For A Month Straight

NYC 2012 has published its Olympic Bid plans on its website yesterday. Most people I know are pretty down on the Games coming the the big apple, but I think it would be kinda sweet.

It's actually a good plan - Unlike most Olymipic Cities, NYC already has most of the infrastructre in place - with some events based around the Olympic Village in Long Island City and many events in Flushing Meadows park, an easy access point with multiple mass transit locations built into it. Check out the Williamsburgh Aquatics Center - Sweet. Personally, my favorite idea is the Mountain Biking venue on the Isle Staten near Fresh Kills landfill. Good times, brah.

Ain't gonna happen, though, current odds at Ladbrokes has NYC at a 50-1 shot behind Paris and London.
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