The Airing of Grievances
Monday, November 15, 2004
Heaven Help Us

The apocalypse creeps even closer.

As of today, advertisements are running in California supporting a constitutional amendment that would allow Arnold Scharwzenegger to run for President. The ads are the creation of a Bay Area mutual fund manager and major Schwarzenegger campaign donor who has a companion Web site www.amendforarnold.com.

Listen, I'm all for certain libertarian leadings that Arnold has displayed, and I've certainly got no problem with his stance on stem cell research, gun control and certain health protections for drug abusers. But seriously, first things first, the guy is an utter buffoon. The assclown of all assclowns if you will. A mental girlie man. And we're going to go amend the United States Constitution so this character can be President? Are you kidding me? To take a page out of Arnie's playbook, the three strikes and your out rule would certainly apply here. That is, if America somehow puts this guy in office, after two terms of Bush, it deserves whatever damn punishment it gets. C'mon now.
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