The Airing of Grievances
Monday, November 01, 2004
GOP Uses Homophobia To Influence Voters
This little diddy from Wonkette made me chuckle:
When we first heard about the Republicans "pretending to be gay" in order to influence voters in Ft. Lauderdale, we thought: Pretend? Look, just because you'll trade a little ass-play for a Bush vote, that doesn't make you gay. . . it makes you dedicated. (Ask Karl Rove, he's been fucking people in the ass for years.) Then we heard further -- it turns out that this wasn't some, er, straight up "sex-for-votes" deal, it was a group of GOP activists parading around like ACT UP as a group from an African-American church lined up to cast early ballots. How helpful of them to remind these socially conservative voters that John Kerry favors "gay adoption." (We've adopted Andrew Sullivan, but there are a lot of gays who still need loving homes.)

Sure, the use of a social wedge issue to manipulate black voters sounds duplicitous and harsh, but it's an improvement on their original plan to just burn some crosses on the lawn.
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