The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Good Post From A Conservative Blog
An Instapundit contributor makes some thoughtful points:
People who vote for the other guy aren’t stupid, brainwashed, or evil. They are your friends and family. Someone you love will almost certainly cancel your vote. (My wife cancels out mine.)

If, by some chance, everyone you know votes for the loser it won’t mean the election was stolen. It will only show that you live in a bubble.
Of course, the post directly below this one cranks the partisan hackery right back up to full blast
PLUS ÇA CHANGE . . . According to Drudge, Philadelphia, my former home, is up to its old tricks: voting machines were found rigged with 2000 extra votes (presumably for Kerry) before the polls opened, and someone flashed a gun at pollwatchers.
The Drudge post they refer to is here. Notice the complete lack of language referring to which candidate or which race the votes are for. Mathew Gross has more. Also notice the complete lack of corroboration from a mainstream media source.

That sound you heard was the first shot in the spin war over Bush's eventual loss beginning.
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