The Airing of Grievances
Friday, November 05, 2004
Girlie Golf Tournaments & The Morality Police
Who says that golfers are bland? Sure doesn't look that way to me. In fact, seems as if they know how to have themselves a damn good time. At least those cats participating in "girlie" tournaments in Southern Cal. From the LA Times:
When [Riverside County] deputies raided the Hidden Valley Golf Club during the June 14, 2002, tournament, they found more than a dozen prostitutes and strippers providing sex and entertainment to golfers in tents set up near several tees…

… "Women degrading themselves … lewd sexual activity for money, golfers without golf clubs; these tournaments involved both largely illegal and highly antisocial conduct, all purely for profit," [District Attorney] Chang wrote in his sentencing memorandum.
Sound like folks were having themselves a grand 'ole time. But lest you think otherwise, be sure to know that this type of "immoral" behavior has no place in America. Riverside Count Superior Court Judge Christian F. "Rick" Thierbach said so himself:

"Thierbach chastised the [event organizers] for the "immoral and illegal actions," telling them that the results of Tuesday's presidential election showed that many in the community place a high value on morality.
The Boy King was re-elected because our country places a high value on morality, huh? Yup, makes perfect sense to me. Against a woman's right to choose? Moral. Against equal rights for homosexuals? Moral. For automatic weapons in our homes? Moral. For God in our constitution? Moral. For lying to the entire world so we can bomb the shit out of brown people? Moral. Having a little pay for play fun among consenting adults? Immoral. And don't you forget it.

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